Free VRT Refund Estimate

If you are not happy with the amount of VRT charged when registering a car in Ireland, it is possible to appeal the decision... read more

Late VRT Penalties

If you import a vehicle to Ireland you are required to register and pay the VRT due on the vehicle within 30 days. If... read more

VRT Checklist of Documents

VRT Checklist of Documents In all cases you will need the following documents. Vehicle Identity Documentation VRT Vehicle Purchase Declaration Form Purchase Invoice Proof... read more

CO2 emissions based VRT system.

All new and used cars registered in Ireland have their VRT rate calculated based on the CO2 emissions of their vehicle. The rates can... read more

When Must I Pay VAT?

When is VAT payable? VAT is payable in the following scenarios at the time of registration: When Registering a New Vehicle When Registering a... read more

When do I get Number Plates?

Issuing of Registration Number When the VRT payment (and other outstanding liabilities) has been accepted by the NCTS the registration number assigned to the... read more