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V5C Mandatory to VRT your Vehicle

When you import a vehicle from the UK to Ireland, after clearing customs, you VRT your vehicle at an NCT centre. One of the mandatory documents required to complete the registration of your vehicle is the V5C. The V5C is the UK log book or UK registration document for the vehicle, also referred to as the V5.

What parts of the V5C are required to VRT my vehicle?

In order to VRT your vehicle the entire original V5C is required.

  • Photocopies of the V5 will not be accepted.
  • Change of ownership portion of the V5 will not be accepted.
  • Notification of export portion of the V5 will not be accepted.

Does the V5C need to be in my name?

The V5 does not need to be in your name, in fact it can’t be in you name because it is not possible for an individual or business with a Republic of Ireland address to transfer the V5 into their name. Only individuals with UK or Northern Ireland addresses can be named on the V5C.

Purchased a Vehicle in UK or Northern Ireland and don’t have the V5C to VRT my Vehicle

If you purchased a vehicle and for some reason you don’t have the V5C then it will not be possible for you to contact the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) in the UK to get a replacement V5 logbook because you are based in the Republic of Ireland.

There are 2 potential scenarios:

  1. The vehicle is still registered to a UK person or business.
  2. The vehicle is recored as permanently exported from the UK

No matter which scenario your find yourself in, we can help getting a replacement V5 log book for you enabling you to VRT your vehicle.

V5C Replacement Help

Working with our partner in Northern Ireland we have a 100% success rate in getting replacement V5Cs for our customers.

Contact Us: If you have any questions you can submit your questions here

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