Steps Involved in Importing a Car from the UK to Ireland.

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Steps Involved in Importing a Car from the UK to Ireland.

1. Finding the right car.

There are literally thousands and thousands of new and used cars for sale online in a large variety of locations. These include large used car sites, car supermarket, car auctions, car dealers and many more. The biggest piece of advice I would give is shop around and also look out for rogue private car sellers posing as car dealers and illegitimate sellers just trying to grab your hard earned cash.

2. Estimate how much the car will cost:

  • To calculate VRT click here
  • To calculate the cost of importing a car from uk to Ireland click here
  • To read an article with details of costs of importing a car from UK to Ireland click here

3. Do a history check:

You can do a history check here

A history check will confirm the details of the car, year of manufacture, date of first registration, number of previous owners, etc.

In addition it will also identify whether this vehicle is subject to:

Outstanding finance
A current police interest
Has been registered as an insurance write-off
Any registration plate changes
A former taxi

4. Get the vehicle inspected:

Consider this an optional step, but if you want piece of mind it is often a good idea to get the vehicle you wish to buy inspected by a professional. Many companies provide different levels of inspection at different costs.

5. Purchase the car:

Do your bargaining and purchase the car.

You can do same day Ireland to UK money transfer here

6. Collect the car:

There are two options when it comes to collecting a car from the UK.

(i) Get it delivered: there are lorries travelling between the UK and Ireland regularly offering delivery services.

(ii) Collect it yourself: this obviously involves flying or travelling to the UK by ferry and returning by ferry. Unless the car is near the coast, it is probably easier to book a cheap flight with a low fairs airline to the airport closest to the cars location and book the ferry home. You may also need to consider booking a nights accommodation to split the journey or if flight times don’t suit. It’s also worth asking the seller to collect you at the airport as many small sellers would be more than willing to do this.

7. Register the car:

Make an appointment to have your vehicle inspected at an NCT centre within 7 days of the vehicle entering the State in order to register and pay the VRT (and any other tax liabilities due on the vehicle)within 30 days of the vehicle entering the State .

Calculate your VRT rate here….

8. Purchase and display new registration plates:

Once you have registered the car, you can purchase your registration plates online here

9. Pay your motor tax:

You can calculate how much it will cost here and more information can be found here

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