Importing a car from Uk to Ireland Cost Calculator

Customs, VAT & VRT Calculator

Since Brexit on January 1st 2021 the costs associated when importing a car has changed and in most cases you are now required to pay :

  • Customs Duty
  • VAT
  • VRT
  • NOX Levy

Our Import Costs Calculator provides an estimate for all of these taxes in one report, whether you are buying a car in Northern Ireland or other parts of the UK
To generate the report simply provide the UK vehicle registration and the price of the vehicle in the UK.

UK to Ireland Import Costs Calculator

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Sample Report

Vehicle VRT Estimate

Vehicle Details

Statistical Code 40288175
Model A4 1.4 TFSI
Version SPORT 150PS 4DR

Breakdown of VRT Calculation

Open Market Selling Price (OMSP) determined by Revenue €37238
Monthly Adjustment +104%
Depreciation Code Allocated by Revenue C1
Odometer Reading 18700 Miles
Date of First Registration January 2017
Mileage/Kilometre Reduction €0
Rate of Depreciation for this Vehicle 28%
Current OMSP determined by Revenue €27883

Revenue CO2 Calculation

CO2 Emissions126

Rate of VRT18%

Vehicle Registration Tax


Purchase Price

1 Euro = 0.868853 Sterling.

€15767 = £13700.

Costs Report

Purchase Price €15767
VRT Estimate €5019
Customs Duty (10%) €1576
VAT (23%) €3989
Travel Cost €500
Total Purchase Price €26851
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