UK Import Savings Calculator

How much will I save by importing a car from the UK?

Our Import Savings Report will estimate the potential savings and could save you €1000’s by helping you identify the best value vehicle to import.

You provide the UK vehicle registration and the price of the vehicle in the UK. We will then estimate the vehicle’s VRT, the vehicle’s market price in Ireland using industry data, the current pound euro exchange rate and produce a custom report detailing the amount of money you are likely to save.

UK Import Savings Calculator

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Sample Report

Vehicle VRT Estimate

Vehicle Details

Statistical Code 40287323
Model 320
Make BMW

Breakdown of VRT Calculation

Open Market Selling Price (OMSP) determined by Revenue €37926
Monthly Adjustment +95%
Depreciation Code Allocated by Revenue F1
Odometer Reading 90000 Miles
Date of First Registration May 2012
Mileage/Kilometre Reduction €0
Rate of Depreciation for this Vehicle 62%
Current OMSP determined by Revenue €13691

Revenue CO2 Calculation

CO2 Emissions 109
Rate of VRT 16%

Vehicle Registration Tax


Vehicle Valuation (Irish Value)

Registration LL12NRN
Make BMW
Model 3 Series
Version 320D Efficientdynamics
Reference Code auto-171231001237-ll12nrn

Excellent Condition Value €13928
Good Condition Value €12506
Average Condition Value €11213
Mileage for Valuation Purposes (KMs) 144841

Purchase Price

1 Euro = 0.88723 Sterling.

€11271 = £10000.

Savings Report

Purchare Price €11271
VRT Estimate €2190
Travel Cost €500
Total Purchare Price €13961
Excelent Condition Savings (Value 13928) €-33
Good Condition Savings (Value 12506) €-1455
Average Condition Savings (Value 11213) €-2748

We accept no liability for any loss ensuing from the use of information provided herein.

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