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Simply enter the registration number for any vehicle registered in the UK or Ireland to begin.

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motorcheck_update_may2013 has partnered with the best car history check provider in Ireland to make give our customers the ultimate peace of mind before importing a car from the UK. Whether you want to check the history of an Irish Car or check a UK vehicle before importing into Ireland, it’s easy with

A full check report checks vital information such as whether it has been stolen in the UK, if it has been previously written off, is there currently finance outstanding as well as performing a mileage check to ensure the meter has not been clocked.

MotorCheck is an Irish business and is uniquely operating in both markets with offices in Ireland Ireland and the UK. They provide a full support service by telephone and email so after you purchase a report, you can talk to an experienced car industry expert who can provide you with immediate assistance interpreting the report as well as ask any questions you may have in relation to your car’s import/export, mileage, damage or any other element of its history.

Don’t Regret It, MotorCheck It!

What’s included in the MotorCheck Car History Report?

There are a number of different report types you can choose. A “Full Check” with MotorCheck includes a comprehensive overview of the following vital car history checks:

• Vehicle Identification
• Verify VIN and VLC Number
• Finance Check
• Stolen Check
• Write-Off Check
• Mileage Check
• Colour Changes
• Owner History
• Road Tax History
• NCT History
• MOT History
• Usage History
• Technical Details
• Warranty Details
• CO2 Rating
• EURO NCAP Details

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