Calculate Customs Duty

The following page will help you to calculate the amount of customs duty and VAT you will need to pay when importing a vehicle from the UK to Ireland.

We provide an online service which greatly simplifies the customs declarations process and takes the hassle out of completing customs declarations. The custom declaration is then lodged with the revenue commissioners on your behalf.

Customs Duty Rates for Vehicles Imported from the UK

Export Country Country of Origin* Customs Duty Rate VAT Rate
UK UK 0% 23%
UK Third Country (e.g. USA or Japan) 10% 23%
UK EU (e.g. Germany or France) 10% 23%

*Country of Origin

The country of origin for a vehicle origin typically means where the vehicle was manufactured not where you are importing the vehicle from.

Therefore in most cases vehicles that have been manufactured in the UK are subject to 0% customs duty and vehicles manufactured outside with UK (e.g. Germany, USA) and imported from UK to Ireland are subject to 10% customs duty.

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