Budget 2022 Vehicle Registration Tax

Vehicle Registration Tax changes in Budget 2022 Electric Cars VRT relief of €5,000 for Battery Electric Vehicles extended to the end of 2023. 2022... read more

NOx Emission Calculation

NOx Emission Levy Calculation VRT Ireland assists clients in Ireland with customs duties, vehicle registration, and customs clearance agent services, as well as providing practical tools such... read more

Late VRT Penalties

If you import a vehicle to Ireland you are required to register and pay the VRT due on the vehicle within 30 days. If... read more

VRT Rates on Motorhomes

A motor caravan is a vehicle with an EU Category of MI, M2, or M3 and an EU bodywork code of “SA” (as defined... read more

VRT Rates on Converted Vehicle

How to Calculate VRT rate on a vehicle conversion? If the vehicle is currently register in Ireland then when the vehicle is converted the... read more

VRT Statistical Code

What is a VRT Statistical Code? A VRT Statistical Code uniquely identifies the Make, Model and Version of a vehicle, with an individual OMSP... read more

VRT Vehicle Categories

What are the different VRT vehicle categories? The following article describes the different VRT vehicle categories. VRT Categories There are 4 different categories of... read more