What does the NCT VRT inspection entail?

At the NCT centre, the vehicle will be examined to ensure it matches the various characteristics described in the accompanying documentation for example, vehicle identification number (VIN), registration number (in the case of a used vehicle) make, model and variant, engine size, number of doors etc. If the requisite documentation is not available at the time of the examination or the vehicle details do not match the documentation, the vehicle will not be registered and a re-test fee will be payable on return with relavant documentation.

When it has been established that the vehicle is eligible for registration you will be presented with a document containing the vehicle details which you will be asked to sign confirming that you wish to register the vehicle as outlined on the declaration. Following confirmation, Revenue will assign a registration number to the vehicle and this will be issued to you by the NCTS on payment of the tax due.

Please note that a second visit to an NCT centre as a result of incorrect or missing documentation will be ones own expense.