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Importing a car from the UK to Ireland

In 2018 over 100,000 cars were imported from the UK to Ireland. There are two primary reasons for importing a car from the UK to Ireland. Firstly people are hoping to save money and secondly people are looking for greater choice & specification of cars from the UK.

Savings when importing a car from UK to Ireland

The euro to sterling exchange rate is strong meaning buyers can get good value for their euro when exchanging for pounds sterling. Additionally the fees for exchanging euro to sterling has been reduced by global payment providers as can be seen here.
It is not as simple as purchasing a car in the UK to Ireland and instantly saving money. There are a number of costs that need to be factored in and depending on the make and model of car it might be cheaper to buy the car in Ireland. The typical costs are as follows:

  • Purchase Price of the Car
  • Travel & Transportation Costs
  • You time
  • VRT
  • VAT (if car is new)

Greater choice of cars in the UK

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