VRT Calculator

VRT Calculator

At VRT.ie we understand how difficult it is to manually enter vehicle details into the revenue’s online VRT calculator. As a result at VRT.ie we have created a lot simpler way for you to calculate VRT via the registration number of the vehicle. All you have to do is send us a text with the reg number as described below and you will receive a text with an estimate of your VRT.

VRT Calculator via Text

Text VRT, followed by a space, then the registration number to 57252, e.g. VRT LL12NRN to 57252.

Texts cost €2 , full details here

VRT Estimation Report


How much VRT will I pay when importing a car to Ireland?

VRT Estimation Report
Vehicle Details
VRT Estimate

Our VRT Estimation Report will estimate the VRT you will need to pay when importing a car to Ireland.

You provide the UK vehicle registration and we will provide a report detailing a VRT estimate for similar model and version of vehicle based on a best effort match of the vehicles in the revenue's database.

Please enter a registration number

Manual Online VRT Calculator

Please enter vehicle details manually by clicking here to get a VRT quote.

How is VRT calculated?

There are 5 Revenue Vehicle Categories for VRT Purposes.

Revenue Category A – Passenger Vehicles.
Revenue Category B – Light Commercial Vehicles.
Revenue Category C – Heavy Commercial Vehicles.
Revenue Category D – VRT Exempt vehicles (incl. ambulances, fire engines).
Revenue Category M – Motor-cycles (incl. tri-cycles and quadricycles).

Revenue Category A vehicles are charged based on their CO2 emissions.
Revenue Category B vehicles are charged a flat rate of 13.3%.
Revenue Category C vehicles are charged €200.
Revenue Category D vehicles are charged a flat rate of 0%.
Revenue Category M vehicles are charged based on their engine capacity.

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