VRT Export Repayment Calculator

Calculate VRT Export Repayment online or via Text.

The owner of an EU Classification M1 Passenger vehicle (saloon, hatchback, SUV, MPV etc) may claim a VRT repayment where a vehicle has been permanently removed or exported from the State (Republic of Ireland).

Calculate how much the export repayment would be if you export your car.

VRT Export Repayment Online Calculator

VRT Export Repayment via Text:

Text Export, followed by a space, then the registration number to 57252, e.g. Export 12c12299 to 57252.

Please note the VRT Export Repayment rate returned is an estimate and the model and version returned may not be an exact match for the registration number specified. Please ensure you enter the Irish registration in the correct format.

Example VRT Export Repayment Response:
VRT export repayment calculator

Texts sent are charged at normal network rates and the cost of reply from us is €2.00. This is not a subscription service.

Sample Report

Export Repayment Calculation

Vehicle Details

Statistical Code 40287323
Model 320
Make BMW

Breakdown of Export Repayment

Open Market Selling Price (OMSP) determined by Revenue €37926
Monthly Adjustment +95%
Depreciation Code Allocated by Revenue F1
Odometer Reading 90000 Miles
Date of First Registration May 2012
Mileage/Kilometre Reduction €0
Rate of Depreciation for this Vehicle 62%
Current OMSP determined by Revenue €13691

Revenue CO2 Calculation

CO2 Emissions 109
Rate of Export Repayment 16%

Export Repayment


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