Motor Trade

If you import cars from the UK to Ireland then we offer a choice of Trade Accounts to suit your needs.

Our trade account enables you to identify the best value vehicles to import from the UK.

Our trade account includes the ability to calculate VRT, independently calculate VRT, value vehicles and estimate the potential savings when importing a vehicle from the UK based on accurate industry market data.

View all your previous VRT calculations history on a single page so you always have a record of VRT calculations.

Standard Trade Account

✔VRT Calculations: 50 per month*

✖ Independent VRT Calculation

✖ Vehicle Valuation

✖ Importation Savings

49.00 / month

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Intermediate Trade Account

✔VRT Calculations: 150 per month*

✔ Independent VRT Calculation**

✔ Vehicle Valuation**

✖ Importation Savings

149.00 / month

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Premium Trade Account

✔ VRT Calculation

✔ Independent VRT Calculation

✔ Vehicle Valuation

✔ Importation Savings

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* If you exceed you monthly quota, additional calculations are charged at €1 per estimate.

** Each estimate is counted as 3 VRT calculations.

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