Temporary Registration

Information Note on the ZZ System of Temporary Registration in Ireland


All vehicles* used in a public place in Ireland must be registered and at all times have displayed on them their assigned unique registration number.

In Ireland it is illegal for any person (other than a person specifically authorised by the Revenue Commissioners) to be in possession of an unregistered vehicle or a vehicle on which its assigned registration number is not displayed.

ZZ System of Temporary Registration:


The ZZ system of temporary registration is administered by the Automobile Association (AA) of Ireland on behalf of the Revenue Commissioners.

The system is designed to permit the use in a public place for up to one month of a vehicle which, but for the assignment of a temporary registration number in the ZZ series, would otherwise be an unregistered vehicle and one on which a registration number would not be displayed.

The ZZ series consists of the letters ZZ followed (usually) by a unique 5-digit number.

Qualifying Criteria

In order to qualify for temporary registration the following qualifying criteria must first be met:

  • the vehicle must be in Ireland temporarily
  • the applicant must be a person established outside Ireland**
  • all appropriate taxes, e.g. Customs Duty, VAT etc. must be paid, or otherwise accounted for, in Ireland.

How to Apply for Temporary Registration

Applications must be presented to the AA on a declaration form (C&E 1090), accompanied by:

  • a valid certificate of insurance issued in Ireland
  • the relevant sales invoice
  • proof of payment of Customs Duty and VAT (e.g. copy of SAD document), where appropriate
  • authorisation in writing, where appropriate (See Signature on Declaration Form)
  • evidence of vehicle age or certificate of de-registration (used imported vehicles only).

Forms must be signed in the presence of an AA official. The forms and other information on the application procedure are available from:

The Automobile Association of Ireland,
Unit 6 Carriglea Industrial Estate,
Naas Road,
Dublin 12,

Telephone: + 353 1 617 9652

Email: brosnantj@theaa.ie

Proof of Establishment outside Ireland

All applicants for temporary registration must produce original evidence of establishment outside Ireland, e.g. valid driving licence, passport etc. when making an application.

Signature on Declaration Form

Where an applicant chooses not to collect/drive a vehicle personally, he/she may authorise in writing another person established outside Ireland to do so, and to sign the declaration form, on his/her behalf. The authorised person must then sign the declaration form in his/her own name and produce proof of his/her establishment outside Ireland.

Examination of Vehicles

The Automobile Association may request at any time that a vehicle be produced for examination. The vehicle must be produced within 2 hours. Failure to produce within this time (or at all) may result in the rejection of an application.

Temporary Registration Card & Plates

These will be issued by the Automobile Association after registration. The card (C&E 1089) and certificate of insurance must be retained with the vehicle while it is in Ireland. The card must be presented at the time of re-registration abroad. The plates must be displayed on the vehicle at all times while the vehicle is in Ireland and are invalid once the vehicle leaves Ireland.

[*Except vehicles being used under the authority of an Irish trade licence (trade plates), e.g. by a motor dealer.

**This means a person having his/her normal place of residence outside Ireland or a person (other than a private individual) having his/her only or principal place of business outside Ireland]

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