Mobile Machinery

Mobile Machinery

As advised by the Road Safety Authority, for the purposes of type approval, Mobile Machines are vehicles which are not considered a means of transport for either goods or passengers, and are not based on a conventional truck chassis. Examples include:

  • road roller
  • road planer
  • road paver
  • back-hoe loader
  • digging machine
  • large mobile cranes
  • self-propelled mobile access platform (cherry picker - non vehicle mounted)

Where a vehicle, is presented as Mobile Machinery on a conventional truck chassis, it is subject to EU Type Approval.

In order to be registered, these vehicles must conform to the requirements of Directive 2007/46/EC and, where presented as new, must be accompanied by the appropriate EU Certificate of Conformity.

The NSAI should be contacted with regard to IVA or NSSTA approval where an EU Certificate of Conformity is not available from the original manufacturer.

Registration of Self Propelled Mobile Machinery

Please note that vehicles which come within the scope of Type Approval procedures under the EU Directives:

  • 2002/24/EC (as amended) - Two or Three Wheel Motor Vehicles
  • 2003/37/EC (as amended) - Agricultural and Forestry Tractors
  • 2007/46/EC (as amended) - Motor Vehicles (carriage of passengers and goods)

are excluded from this procedure, as outlined above.

Registration requests for Mobile Machinery must be accompanied by the following documentation:

(1) If New (Un-Registered) - Self Propelled Machinery

  1. Declaration of Conformity under the appropriate Machinery Directive and
  2. Declaration from Manufacturer/Distributor that Mobile Machinery meets the requirements under the
    • Road Traffic (Construction, Equipment and Use of Vehicles) Regulations;
    • Road Traffic (Construction and Use of Vehicles) Regulations;
    • Road Traffic (Lighting of Vehicles) Regulations
  3. If the Mobile Machinery comes within the scope of the Non Road Mobile Machinery Directive the relevant Declaration of Conformity relating to the emissions.

* For Mobile Machinery first placed on the EU market after 29 December 2009, the Machinery Directive Declaration of Conformity must be issued under the 2006/42 Directive.

(2) If Used (Registered) - Self Propelled Machinery

  1. If the Mobile Machinery has been registered previously in another Country, the registration document issued by that Country’s appropriate Competent Authority.
  2. If the vehicle has been used but not registered the documents outlined above are required. A year index will be assigned based on the date of first entry into use.

If the said documents are not presented, registration will not take place.

Presentation of Self Propelled Mobile Machinery

Mobile Machinery is required to be presented at the NCTS at the time of registration. However, in certain instances Mobile Machinery in conformance with the relevant Machinery Directives is not required to be presented at a NCTS Centre. In such cases a photograph of the particular machinery item along with a photograph of the Serial Number must accompany the relevant documentation.

When making an appointment with the NCTS for registration please confirm if the mobile the mobile machinery needs to be inspected.

Presentation of Mobile Machinery at the NCTS is not required for the following

  • All mobile machinery over 5 tonne
  • Mobile Cranes
  • Bulldozers
  • Dumpers
  • Construction Machinery

Please also see the leaflet: pdfMobile Machinery (PDF, 58KB)

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