Registration of New Vehicles on Behalf of Disabled

Registration of New Vehicles by Dealers on Behalf of Customers Availing of an Exemption Under the Disabled Driver/Passenger Scheme

From 29th March 2011 it will be possible for dealers to register new vehicles purchased by customers availing of an exemption under the above scheme through ROS provided they are registered as TAN holders with Revenue and use ROS to register vehicles.

Procedure to Register a Vehicle

When a customer has been authorised by the Central Repayments Office in Monaghan to avail of an exemption they should present proof of the authorisation to the motor dealer. The customer should select a new car and request that the dealer sends printed details, (not handwritten), of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the vehicle to the Central Repayment Office (CRO), M:TEK II Building, Armagh Road in Monaghan.

The CRO will then issue an exemption letter detailing the VIN to the customer. The customer should return to the dealer with the exemption letter and request the dealer to register the vehicle.

If the dealer is registered with Revenue to avail of the facility to register vehicles on-line the dealer can submit details to Revenue via ROS to obtain a registration number.

Otherwise the vehicle must be presented at an NCTS centre for registration.

Please request the dealer to ensure that the VIN entered matches the details submitted by the customer or the dealer to the CRO as any mismatch will delay registration of the vehicle.

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