Pre-Registration Inspections of Vehicles and Online Registration via ROS

Pre-Registration Inspections of Vehicles by NCTS to Allow for Registration by Tan Holders via ROS - FAQs

Outline of Developments

A new procedure has been developed to allow for vehicles previously registered outside the State to be registered online by TAN holders via ROS.

From the end of March 2011 you, as a TAN holder, will be able to make an appointment to bring a vehicle(s) to an NCTS centre for a pre-registration inspection prior to having a buyer for the vehicle. You may also arrange with NCTS for staff to examine the vehicles at your premises. (A fee will be payable to the NCT for this facility)

Following successful examination, the details of the vehicle are recorded on ROS, pending sale of the vehicle by you. When there is a buyer for the vehicle, you must, as the payer, input the owner’s details on ROS. This eliminates the delay in the customer taking delivery of the vehicle.

How can you avail of this facility?

You must be a current TAN holder and have access to the VRT ROS facility to register vehicles. You must also have sufficient funds in your Deferred or FACT account to process any vehicle registrations.

If you are not signed up for ROS you can contact the ROS helpdesk to enquire on how to avail of this facility.
(ROS Helpdesk at 1890 201 106 or email:

How do you arrange the pre-registration inspections by NCTS?

In the case of individual vehicles you make your appointment with the NCTS and present the vehicle for inspection as operates currently. At the time of the inspection you provide details of your TAN and advise the NCTS that you wish to avail of the Pre-Inspection facility. The NCTS will capture all the details relating to the vehicle apart from the owner and payer details. A Liability Enquiry will be carried out at this point. This will indicate the VRT payable on that date.

Alternatively, you can arrange to have an NCTS official inspect the vehicles at your premises for a fee determined by the NCTS. All the vehicle details are recorded on the ROS system to allow for registration at a future date.

The NCTS will supply the details of costs involved in relation to on-site pre-inspections.

How is the VRT calculated ?

The VRT payable is the amount calculated on the date of registration. Please note that the OMSP may increase between the time of the inspection and the date of registration thus increasing the amount of VRT payable.

Please note that VAT will be calculated and payable on "new means of transport".

The VAT amount payable, if any, will be included in the amount due at the pre-inspection stage as your VAT No. is not input until the point at which the vehicle is registered.

What do I do when I have a buyer for a pre-inspected vehicle?

When you have a buyer for the vehicle you sign-on to the ROS system by using your ROS digital cert. Please note that you cannot amend the vehicle details entered by the NCTS.

You select:

  • VRT under Tax Type
  • Register Pre-Inspected Vehicle under Return Type
  • Enter your TAN under Tax Regn / Trader No.

On the next screen select:

  • Search by VIN or Previous Registration Number

On the next screen:

  • Enter the details of the owner's name and their address[*]

On the following screen:

  • Enter the Payer Details

When the Summary of the registration and the VRT liability appears on the next screen and the details are in order please submit the details. A registration number will issue to you via your ROS inbox.

(See samples of the above screens: pdfSample Screens - Pre-Registration Inspections of Vehicles by NCTS to allow for Registration by Tan Holders via ROS (PDF, 590KB))

How do I pay the VRT due?

You pay the VRT by selecting the payment method (Deferred or FACT) which you opted for when applying for payment approval.

What happens if I am not signed up for ROS?

If you do not have a ROS account, you cannot avail of this facility. Instead, you must, as heretofore, wait until you have sale for an unregistered vehicle, then book a pre-registration examination at the NCTS and complete the registration process at their premises.

*Documentation verifying the registered owner's name and address (Utilty Bill, Bank Statement) must be produced by the owner.

The information leaflet Owner Name and Address Declarations provides additional information regarding owner's name and address details.

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