Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT)

Vehicle Registration Tax is a tax charged when one registers a new or imported used vehicle in Ireland. It is charged based on the Open Market Selling Price (OMSP) of the vehicle as determined by the revenue commissioners. The rate at which it is charged depends on the type of vehicle being registers. For standard passengers cars the rate of VRT is based on the CO2 emissions of the car. Depending on the commercial vehicle the tax rate is either 13.3% or €200. Some vehicles are exempt from VRT such as ambulances and fire engines. Finally motorcycles are taxed at a rate based on engine size in cc’s. The National Car Testing Service (NCTS) administer Vehicle Registration Tax on behalf of the revenue commissioners. VRT must be paid within 30 days of the vehicle entering the state. In some cases, such as when transferring residence to Ireland from another state you may be exempt from Vehicle Registration Tax provided you meet certain criteria. All the information you need regarding Vehicle Registration Tax should be available on this website and we also offer services listed below to help you in your car importation journey.

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