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Vrt.ie is an independant website providing information about motoring matters such as VRT in Ireland (Vehicle Registration Tax), importing cars to Ireland, etc. We also provide a VRT calculator, CO2 emissions calculator and Irish road tax calculator.

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    Rates are for information purposes only, for exact rate please use our VRT easy complete calculator.

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    VRT via Text: Text VRT, followed by a space, then the registration number to 57252, e.g. VRT LL12NRN to 57252.

    Texts cost €2 , full details here

    Please enter vehicle details manually by clicking here to get a VRT quote.

  • Road Tax Calculator
  • Text Tax, followed by a space, then the registration number to 57252, e.g. Tax 00D1234.
    Texts sent are charged at normal network rates and the cost of reply from us is €2.00. This is not a subscription service.
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    You can calculate your motor tax also by downloading our app and simply entering your vehicle registration number.

What is VRT? Vehicle Registration Tax is a tax charged when one registers a new or imported used car in Ireland.

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VRT.ie discussion forum: The VRT discussion forum allow members of the public to openly discuss VRT and other motoring topics and get answers to issues relating to VRT that they are not clear about. This has built up to become a huge bank of information. Feel free to browse or register and make a post. If you encounter any problems let us know. Please note that old discussions may refer to VRT regulations that have since changed

How is VRT calculated?
VRT is calculated in 3 ways depending on the type of vehicle being registered.
In most cases it is calculated as a percentage of a vehicle's Open Market Selling Price (OMSP) which is the expected retail price of the car as calculated by revenue.
In some cases it is charged as a set fee.
For motorcycles it is based on engine cc's.